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The Bachelor Program in Sport Sciences and Physical Activity

The Aims of the SSPA Program

The CSSPA's program includes general aims as well as specific aims relating to the four specialist pathways:

The General Aims:

The CSSPA's program aims to:

1.         Provide well-qualified specialists, both academically and vocationally, for a career in sport sciences and physical activity.

2.         Develop graduates with the skills needed by the job market and deemed relevant by appropriate professional organizations.

3.         Provide students with specialist pathways that have relevance to the scientific disciplines of sport and future employability.

4.         Encourage an appreciation of the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of sport sciences and physical activity with particular reference to their theories, principles, applications and methodologies.

The Additional Aims of Each Specialist Pathway:

The College offers four pathways that are consistent with the requirements of the job market; therefore, the additional and special aims for each pathway are as follows:

Aims of Teaching Physical Education Pathway:

1.         Provide students with the necessary teaching and administrative skills that qualify them to work in the educational sector.

2.         Educate students on using contemporary tools and techniques of assessment in the process of teaching and learning.


Aims of Sports and Recreation Management Pathway:

1.         Provide students with the appropriate knowledge and skills of management to prepare them for work in national and international organizations of sport and recreation.

2.         Provide students with the essential skills of sports management and recreation such as planning, organizing, implementing, pursuing, evaluating, and others including marketing and legal aspects. 

Aims of Physical Fitness Pathway:

1.         Provide students with the required skills for performing field and laboratory tests to measure levels of physical activity and fitness.

2.         Train students for designing appropriate exercise prescriptions and programs of physical activity that are related to physical fitness and health.

3.         Prepare students for implementing and evaluating the programs of physical activity that are associated with physical fitness and health.

Aims of Sports Coaching Pathway:

1.         Train students on the use of contemporary training techniques for evaluating and improving sports performance.

2.            Prepare students for understanding the importance of the link between the various disciplines of sport science and their application in designing and conducting training programs.




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