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Ministry of Sports Research Chair


During the visit of the Minister of Sports, His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, to the College of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity on Sunday morning 10/11/2019 AD, and in the presence of His Excellency the President of King Saud University, Dr. Badran bin Abdul Rahman Al-Omar, and the Dean of the College, Dr. Suleiman bin Omar Al-Jaloud, the establishment of the Ministry of Sports Chair in the college was announced. The Chair is based on a partnership between the Ministry of Sports and King Saud University represented by the College of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity.

Research Chair Field:

The field of Sports

Its specialization:

Community and Competitive Sports


The Chair’s Lines of Action:

First: The Line of Science Production (Research, Translation, Authoring)

1- Support scientific research for publication in distinguished international journals

2- Support scientific research addressing the (interior) issues of sports field

3- Enrich the Arabic library by translating and authoring books specialized in sports sciences

4- Making the Chair’s research a scientific reference for research in the Arab world

5- Create a sports encyclopedia specialized in sports sciences

6- Build a research database to benefit from the best practices in increasing the number of practitioners.


Second: The Line of Training and Education

1- Participating in the preparation of appropriate scientific training and rehabilitation programs

2- Contributing in giving scientific lectures to raise the awareness among coaches and players

3- Participating in preparing players before, during and after the sports season in various sports aspects

4- Providing scientific advice to various community and competitive sports institutions

5- Sourcing international scientists and experts (of both sexes)

6- Establishing a database for Saudi athletes

7- Holding scientific conferences


Third: The Line of Women's Sports

1- Increasing the rate of women’s participation in physical and sports activities

2- Qualifying female sports cadres to work in the sports field

3- Giving scientific lectures to raise public awareness on women's sport

4- Contribute to the preparation of sports education programs for working women and housewives.


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