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Conference Objectives:

  1. Leveraging partnerships and bringing together local and international scientific and professional expertise interested in the field of physical activity to enhance the quality of life.

  2. Highlighting the most prominent government policies and initiatives related to quality of life to ensure the sustainability of opportunities and options for practicing physical activity.

  3. Developing strategies to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior to enhance the quality of life for all age population.

  4. Contributing to develop the 24-hour National Movement Guidelines.

  5. Highlighting the role of artificial intelligence in sustaining physical activity participation for health promotion.

  6.  Providing opportunities to enhance investment in projects that support physical activity for better quality of life.

Main topics:

  1. Physical activity for health and prevention of diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle for both genders. 

  2. Physical activity for people with special conditions (people with chronic diseases, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women)

  3. Physical activity and sports for children and adolescents for better quality of life.

  4. Integrating physical activity into health care goals to improve the efficiency of health spending.

  5. The adverse effects of sedentary behavior on health.

  6. Artificial intelligence and automation of physical activity enhancing quality of life.

  7. Policies and regulations that support and enable the sustainability of physical activity participation.

  8. The role of psychological and social aspects in sustaining physical activity participation.

  9. The role of physical activity in improving the quality of sleep.













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