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For students

Announcement for Students:

All students must keep tabs on Online Portal -learning Management System- and interact with faculty through it 



 providing students with latest updates relating to them and encourage the gifted students in scientific and research fields and in various applied activities.


To foster social and scientific communication between faculty and students and create motivating academic and administrative environment which encourage students to achieve academic distinction.


1-Encourage students to follow the necessary updates and all relating issues in teaching, research scientific fields and others.

2-Attract outstanding students in area of their specialization and prepare them for graduate studies. 

3-Optimiz the use of resources and technology to foster academic and knowledge communication between faculty and students in the department.

4-Provid moral support and encourage student's creativity and innovation in teaching and scientific research.

5-Advise students to learn about their rights in the department.

Last updated on : October 25, 2023 1:27pm