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About department

Exercise Physiology Department in College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity was established by the decision of Council of Higher Education in its 15th session which was held on 15/7/2008 The department embraces the concept of professional education derived from the department new vision and mission to achieve leadership and excellence locally and globally.



Being a leading department in exercise physiology field nationally and internationally.



preparing qualified specialists with required capabilities, both scientifically and vocationally, to compete globally in exercise physiology field to enhance the health and sport performance, and to contribute effectively to interweave the scientific research to build the knowledge society.



1-Creating working environment which encourage innovation and creativity and provide equal opportunities for all staff

2-Training with high qualified specialists in all physical fitness fields.

3-Contributing in training the students of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity College scientifically and vocationally and prepare them to labor market.

4-Sponsor distinguished scientific research in exercise physiology to support knowledge building and serve the community nationally and internationally.

5-Achieving the academic acceleration requirements in the department to move to international level



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