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Degree's Name:

Higher Diploma in Athletic Physical Rehabilitation

Program's Language:


Significance and Justifications of Program Creation:

1.To be in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 as regards paying attention to sport and physical activities

2.To contribute to graduating qualified professionals having knowledge and skills necessary for practical applications in the basics of physical preparation for athletes

3. The job market needs for graduates able to design and implement physical training programs for athletes

4.The lack of higher diploma programs for athletic graduates in the field of physical rehabilitation for athletes

Program's Vision:

To be distinguished and attain leadership in preparing and qualifying sports graduates able to care for the health of trainees and design physical rehabilitation programs

Program’s Objectives:

1.To provide graduates with knowledge, skills and basic practical applications in physical preparation
2.To encourage graduates to acquire the basic behaviors of appropriate professional practice
3.To provide a wide range of applied learning experiences to conduct athletic rehabilitation operations

4.To involve graduates in providing the necessary health care for trainees
5.To provide graduates with adequate knowledge of all common injuries in sports activities and competitions
6. To be able to build and design physical preparation programs for athletes
7. The program develops the skills and capabilities of graduates in analyzing modern methods of physical rehabilitation in different ways

8.To be able to respond appropriately in the physical evaluation of trainees
9.To be able to distinguish the best devices and aids to raise the efficiency of physical preparation
10.To be able to choose the optimal and appropriate technological means for planning, preparing and implementing rehabilitation and physical preparation programs
11.To be able to apply the most important professional skills that enable him to identify and solve problems related to rehabilitation and physical preparation

Program’s Outcomes:

Knowledge and Comprehension

1.To master physical rehabilitation methods for athletes

2.To identify the ways to assess injuries and how to deal with them

3.To understand the basics of building physical rehabilitation programs

Mental Skills:

1. To analyze the causes of injuries and ways to prevent them

2. To analyze the causes of physical weakness

3. To conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the trainee's fitness condition

4. To conduct a comprehensive assessment of injury and the ways to deal with it

5. To plan rehabilitation and physical preparation programs after recovering from sports injuries

Professional and Practical Skills

1.To apply injury prevention programs

2.To apply first aid skills at the time of the injury

3. To apply physical rehabilitation programs

4.To use modern tools and devices to perform physical measurements and assess injury

General Skills

1.To use technology to perform physical measurements’ tasks related to the physical rehabilitation program

2. To work effectively with medical and administrative teams to deal with physical rehabilitation program

3. To use modern methods to access information

4. To continuously develop personal skills and abilities

Program’s Beneficiaries:

1.Graduates of colleges of sport sciences and physical activity or related specializations
2.Graduates of physical education departments and sport sciences and physical activity departments
3.Individuals obtaining the trainer's license

Employment Opportunities Available:

1. Sports clubs
2. Fitness centers
3. Sports federations
4. Ministry of Education
5. Military branches
6. Sports Medicine Hospital

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements mentioned in the Unified Regulations of Graduate Studies at Saudi Universities and the Organizational and Executive Rules and Procedures for Graduate Studies at King Saud University, the department requires the following:

The applicant must have a bachelor's degree in any disciplines of sport sciences and physical activity from King Saud University or any university accredited by Saudi Ministry of Education with a minimum of a “Good” GPA, provided that his specialty courses’ average at the bachelor’s stage is at least “Very Good.”

Passing a written examination held by the department

Program's Targeted Group

Both male and female students


In the afternoon throughout the week, including Friday and Saturday

Requirements for Obtaining the Degree:

Non-thesis Option

The student must pass 34 study units of higher diploma courses

Program’s General Structure:

The number of required units is 34 study units as following:

Type of Courses

No. of Courses

No. of Units Required

Core Courses


32  study units

Field and Applied Works


4 study units



36  study units

Program's Study Plan

First Level:


Course Code


No. of Study Units


MSGP 1401  

Anatomy for Athletes

2 (2+1)



Physiology for Athletes

2 (2+1)


MSGP 1403

Sports Injuries

2 (2+1)


MSGP 1404

First Aid

2 (2+1)


MSGP 1405

Assessment of Sports

Injury Diseases

2 (2+1)


MSGP 1406


2 (2+1)


MSGP 1407

Physical Performance Testing and Evaluation



MSGP 1408

Sports Massage




14  study units

Second Level:


Course Code


No. of Study Units


MSGP 1411

Introduction to Sports Medicine



MSGP 1412

Nutrition for Athletes



MSGP 1413

Sports Psychology



MSGP 1414

Social Support and Physical Rehabilitation




MSGP 1415

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques and Programs



MSGP 1416

Motor Control and Learning



MSGP 1417

Doping and Nutritional Supplements



MSGP 1418

Recovery  in the Sports Field



MSGP 1419

Field Applications




20  study units







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