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Master of Science in Movement Sciences


Exercise Physiology Department was established by the decision of Council of Higher Education in its 15th session which was held on 18/7/2008. It is a continuation of the Exercise Sciences track in Physical Education department and in College of Education in KSU; it was established by approval of the Supreme Council of the University in its 2nd session which was held on  19/2/1977G. Then it has been transferred to College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity at King Saud University ( The master program in Physical Education department and Exercise Sciences with its two tracks has received International Recognition in Teacher Teaching (IRTE).

It has opened its door for students since 1997/1998. Until 2011/2012, 72 students were awarded a Master's degree. The students conduct researches in a wide range of subjects including exercise sciences, physical fitness, exercise physiology, nutrition and physical performance…etc. The department will embrace the concept of professional learning. It is derived from the college new vision and mission to achieve leadership and excellence in sport sciences nationally and internationally.

Degree’s Name:

Master of Science in Movement Sciences

Program’s Language:

Arabic Language.

The Program Vision:

 Achieve leadership and excellence to build the knowledge society nationally and internationally.

The Program Mission:

To prepare specialists and researchers with required capabilities to build  the knowledge society and compete in exercise sciences  globally. 


keeping pace with exercise sciences developments. 

utilizing the great potential and the new equipment of the scientific labs in Sport Sciences and Physical Activity College in training the specialists and researchers in exercise sciences field.

meeting the labor market and beneficiary sectors and institution needs (Ministry of Education, sport federations, security and military sectors, physical fitness centers)

Providing  students with critical understanding in sport sciences and physical activity and related fields.

Providing students with  different methods of field measurements for physical activity related to fitness and skills of using devices and instruments for people with different age groups.

Contributing to interweave  human knowledge through the specialized studies in exercise science field.


Knowledge and Understanding:

Getting a well-rounded view of latest knowledge and information in exercise sciences.

Getting a well-rounded view of latest methods of research and Physiological tests procedures which achieve the desired goals of exercise science.

Deep into understand of the scientific theories and principles applications in the applied fields to serve international and national community.

Intellectual Skills:

The ability to use the scientific method to solve problems faced by higher education students in exercise sciences.

The ability to use scientific principles in an analytic, critic and innovative way in sport research.

Connecting theory and practice in exercise science.

Vocational and Practical Skills:

Taking responsibility of learning and continuing personal and professional skills development

The Ability to lead& involve in teamwork.

Being able to take responsibility at workplace and in the personal relationships.

General Skills:

The Ability to communicate with others and ­­

The Ability to self-assess in a practical way.

The Ability to utilize information technology effectively to find related knowledge to exercise sciences.

Program's Beneficiaries:

Physical education teachers and supervisors in public educations.

Individuals interested in health and exercise sciences fields working in related educational and service institutions.

Physical activities officers in military and security sectors.

Sport federations and GPYW official.  

Career Opportunities:

Fitness Specialists in military and security sectors.

Teacher or educational supervisor in Ministry of Education.

Fitness trainer in sport federations and fitness centers. 

Admission Requirements:

Applicants Must meet all requirements in the Unified Regulation of Graduate Studies at Saudi Universities as well as the college requirements, listed below:

College or Department Requirements:

1.Applicant must have a bachelor's degree in Physical Education

2.Applicant must have earned a grade of no less than Very Good (B) in the subjects of the major field

3. Applicant must pass the personal interview provided by Graduate Studies Committee,

Requirements for Obtaining the Degree:

Thesis Option:

Pass 31 graduate units.

Successful completion of master’s Thesis.

Program General Structure: Thesis Option:

The number of required units (30) credits in addition to (6) credits for the thesis as follows:

Types of Courses

No. of Courses

No. of Unites Required

Core Courses







Elective Courses






Program General Structure:
First Level

Course Code


No. of Study Units

500 BMB

Methods in Sports Science and Physical Activity


501 PHE

Philosophy and trends of sports Science


552 EP

Nervous system, muscular and physical effort




Second Level

Course Code


No. of Study Units

511 BMB

Statistics analysis in Sport Science and Physical Activity


550 EP

Laboratory procedures in exercise physiology


553 EP

Respiratory and circulatory system of physical effort




Third Level

Course Code


No. of Study Units

591 EP

Independent Study in Exercise Sciences


596 EP

Research Project Proposal



Exercise Physiology Department picks (3) credit hours of elective courses as shown in the table below.




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