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The student affairs unit aspires to promote a new concept for all services provided directly to students. It aims to have a distinguished services system without a large bureaucratic structure. It also seeks to enhance a new concept of E-services provided by the college to students. It intends to promote the uses of E-services. This will give students an easy access for all services which will enhance their sense of security self- confidence. 


Admission and registration : covering all tasks related to courses registration, adding/dropping, issuing students graduate certificate and academic records for the period from 1420-1430 which could not be moved for technical reasons.

Student services: it is duties related to courses registration, adding/dropping, query, letters of identification, academic records, housing, tickets and other.

Requesting for advances and Subsidies.

Responsibilities related to operational and students housing issues.

Solving students problems and grievance.

Solving the social and psychological issues.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:13am