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   Embedding and promoting the concept and culture of quality

Overseeing the implementation of quality programs in the college

Supervising the performance appraisal process in the college

Overseeing the implementation of accreditation and evaluation programs in the college

Preparing and implementing the developmental and strategic plans of the college and supervising its subsidiaries units

Investigating the challenges or problems which faced the quality and development programs and provide solutions

Identifying faculty training needs and coordinating with deanship for skills development to provide them

Encouraging faculty to attend conferences, training programs, workshops provided by the deanship for skills development

Supervising the preparation of plan to improve skills of college faculty, staff and students

Planning and supervising the adoption of technologies, E-learning, multimedia and distance learning in the educational and learning process

Supervising the preparation of the college annual report and submitting it to the authorized person in the competent bodies after it is approved by the dean

Submitting periodic progress reports to the college dean about the tasks and challenges of subsidiaries units.

Following up facilities development and labs updating

Establishing the internal system for the Development and Quality Deanship, workers job descriptions and their responsibilities and the ways of coordination between its subsidiaries units

Overseeing the college financial affairs and the items in custody which are provided for the deanship and its programs in according to the regulations and rules

Overseeing the implementation of other tasks  related to development and quality as assigned

Organizing the awards activities for excellence and creativity in academic, research and job performance

Establishing rolling wave periodic review plans for the approved standards of quality to ensure continuous improvement of the academic departments and administrative units performance

Establishing mechanism to identify the college customers expectations and satisfaction level and notifying relevant academic departments and administrative units

Implementing evaluation and development programs for faculty teaching performance, monitor their progress and help them to achieve scientific and vocational excellence

Following up the updating of information and pages related to the vice deanship and its subsidiaries units in the college website

Performing other tasks as assigned by the college dean



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:13am