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About Vice Deanship
The Vice Dean for Development and Quality is a faculty member entitled to supervise the quality and development process, achieve accreditation and evaluation standards in the educational process, control the administrative work quality, improve the performance on all sides and promote the deanship culture. He reports to the dean of the college, he is also a Council Member.


To achieve leadership and excellence in sport sciences and physical activity nationally and internationally.


The Deanship seeks to prepare specialists in sport sciences and physical activities and work towards better understanding of the community through community partnerships.


Provide support and consultations to the department’s units in the areas of development, quality and accreditation. 

Prepare individuals with distinguished experiences in the quality and accreditation.

Improvement, development and future foresight for all college’s department.

Study and give opinion about received correspondence

Last updated on : October 24, 2023 11:04am