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Skills Development Unit


It assumes the role of identifying faculty, employees and students training needs. It is also assigned to participate in providing and following up training programs and evaluate their effectiveness in cooperation with Deanship for Skills Development in the university.  


Using international standards in designing programs and evaluating performance.

Establishing programs to enhance and develop creativity and excellence among college faculty.

Developing and promoting administrative leaders.

Establishing necessary procedures to stimulate and encourage participation in training programs and courses.

Adopting the concept of cooperation and exchange to manage the educational and training process locally, regionally and globally

Establishing academic twinning programs and the local, regional and international partnership and enhancing the exchange of experiences and programs with similar higher education institutions in the area of skills development. 

Encouraging faculty partnership in visits exchange agreements especially with foreign advanced college. 

Establishing scientific visits programs for faculty with similar regional and international college.

Developing programs to facilitate the faculty exchange with similar educational institutions nationally and internationally.

Making all necessary efforts to develop the staff skills in the college.

Meeting the training needs to support faculty according scientific method as a contribution to achieving the college vision.


Some of Our programs:

Course on preparing training packages which was provided to faculty. 

Course on “Learning Outcomes Assessment and Analyzing Exams Results” was delivered to faculty. 

Modern secretariat and office management course was delivered to students in cooperation with Deanship of  Skills Development.

Two training courses were delivered to students the first one was on “ Writing a Scientific Paper” and the Second one was on “Public Speaking” as a part of the efforts to develop university skills.

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