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About Department


Council of Higher Education has issued its resolution in its 65th session to change name of the college from College of Physical Education and Sport to College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity and to reconstruct the college departments to include: Sport and Recreation Management Department, Physical Education Department, Biomechanics and Motor Behavior Department and Exercise physiology Department. The department of Sport and Recreation Management is a scientific and educational center which provides programs in accordance with international standards. The department is responsible for preparing specialists in areas of sport and recreation management to earn Bachelor's degrees and soon Master's and PhD degree. Graduated students are introduced to a broad range of job opportunities in governmental and private institutions such as Ministry of sport, sport federations, sport clubs, sport and recreations centers, sport marketing, sport media and sport facilities management. The department also actively contributes to activities which serve the community.



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:13am