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Welcome to the Vice Deanship for Graduate studies and Scientific Researches at College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity. We are eager to serve you with commitment to providing you with all news and information about graduate studies and scientific researches related to the scientific fields in the college which include physical education, exercise physiology, biomechanics and motor behavior and sport and recreation management. It is assigned to perform a set of scientific and administrative tasks. They cover two important and interrelated areas which are graduate studies and scientific research. Graduate studies assumes the tasks related to Master's and PhD programs and educational process which include providing courses and training students on scientific research skills ,devices and tools in addition to graduate students affairs. While the scientific research assumes the role of promoting research activities, encouraging researchers and providing the support services. It is also responsible for a set of administrative duties such as promotions, evaluation and organizing the scientific and training activities as conferences, workshops, courses in the fields of sport sciences and physical activity. We seeks to utilize the electronic services to offer our services to all interested persons and specialists either from university or from outside of the university. We aspire to extend the cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the specialists in the area of graduate studies and scientific research in the sport sciences and physical activity fields. Welcome again to our website. We also invite you all to provide us with your suggestions and feedback for the improvement of the services provided to faculty, students and officials from related scientific and vocational fields.

Vice Dean of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research 

  Dr. Khalid S. Aljaloud                  


About Vice Deanship

The Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is a faculty member entitled to supervise the educational, academic and research progress of graduate students besides the units he is responsible for in the college. He reports to the dean of the college, he is also a Council Member.


To achieve leadership and excellence in graduate studies and scientific researches in fields of sport sciences and physical activities


We aim to establish and develop graduate studies and to motivate creativity and scientific research in the area of sport sciences and physical activity


Establish and develop the traditional graduate programs and interdisciplinary graduate programs with other relevant disciplines 

Attract distinguished faculty and researchers to improve graduate studies and scientific researches

Promote the culture of excellence in researches and graduate studies among students and faculty

Seek to increase the financial support and research grants for the researches and graduate studies

Developing the scientific publishing in sport sciences and physical activities and increase the number of publications

Developing strategic partnership with government and private sectors

Developing international cooperation in researches with leading universities and research centers around the world 

Developing a high quality infrastructure to assist and support students and faculty researchers 

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