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Following up the college policy for graduate studies and scholarship.

Supervising the process to develop and review the graduate studies admission requirements.

Overseeing the graduate studies activities, exams and committees.

Coordinating with college committees in all related fields.

Assuming the presidency of the vice deanship committees and submitting their reports to the relevant bodies.

Supervising and following up the induction programs for the students of graduate studies.

Supervising the researches activities and develop the college' capacity in scientific research area.

Overseeing the process of developing the research's strategy and plan and establishing their implementation mechanisms in the college.

Overseeing the process of securing external funding and the financial support from the university for researches.

Receiving and following up the departments' requests for researchers, faculty and teaching assistants from different disciplines.

Supervising scholarship students' situations.

Receiving the graduate students files and distributing them to the different college departments.

Receiving the decisions regarding the  graduate students' requests and send them to Graduate Studies Deanship after approval by college council.

Supervising  the postponement/withdrawal requests,

the adding /dropping process and lists of deprivation of the graduate students in accordance with issued rules and decisions.

Coordinating with Scientific Research Deanship in the university, research center in the collage and the other research institutions on the issues related to conducting researches and securing support.

Coordinating with faculty and researches attraction management on the issues related to attraction.

Encouraging the establishment of distinguished scientific chairs or research centers.

Submitting periodic progress reports to the college dean about the tasks and challenges of subsidiaries units.

Overseeing the implementation of other tasks in the area of graduate studies and scientific researches as assigned.

Following up the updating of information and pages related to the vice deanship and its subsidiaries units in the college website.

Performing other tasks as assigned by the college deanship.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:13am