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Scientific Research Unit


The unit assumes the role for improvement of college efficiency and effectiveness as a distinguished research center which promotes partnership and cooperation with educational and research centers and community institutions locally, regionally and globally. It also establishes new and innovative fields of research in rare and distinguished specializations


Publishing innovative scientific researches to build the economy of the knowledge society and achieve its goals.

Supporting the scientific research and encouraging students, faculty and the like to publish in prestigious journals. 

Engaging students in scientific research to prepare them to meet current needs of labor market.

Promoting cooperation with national, regional and international research centers through conducting joint research and exchanging knowledge and experience.

Establishing a database for the scientific researches, researchers and graduation projects. 

Supervising the holding of ( Research Scientific day) in cooperation with the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at the university.

Supporting the holding of scientific meetings, conferences workshops in the areas of college's specializations and which address the community needs. 

Encouraging and supporting the faculty and students to attend and effectively participate in the national and international scientific meetings in order to improve the quality of cognitive achievements.

Preparing periodic reports about the scientific research activities and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


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