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Graduate Studies Unit


The unit is assigned to perform the tasks related to Master's and Ph.D. programs and faculty. It has the responsibility to encourage graduate students from local universities and expatriates to enroll in the graduate programs. It assumes also the responsibility for improvement the capacity of faculty and cooperation commissions in order to achieve the quality of research and scientific performance.


  • Having the responsibility for courses registration, courses equivalency, makeup exams, postponement of admission, cancellation of semester, proposal research, confirmation seminar and extending study for extra or exceptional semester.

  • Changing the academic supervisor for students.

  • Determining the admission requirements, capacity of the graduate programs and the admitted students. 

  • Nominating a representative for the college in graduate studies.

  • Academic appointments (bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees) sabbatical, sabbatical reports, promotions, consultancy, secondment, King Faisal Prize and scientific visits.

  • Nominating a representative for the college in Scientific Council, Saudi early retirement, staff transfer, resignation, consultancy contracts and extra hours.

  • Faculty attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses.




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