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Laboratories and Risk Management Unit


It is an one of the administrative entities and reported to Deanship of Development and Quality. It assumes the role of providing the labs with their needs in coordination with the academic departments and security and safety equipment. It is also assigned to conduct devices technical inspection and maintenance and check their readiness. It has a responsibility to monitor disposal of labs waste and expired chemicals.  In addition, it works on improving the quality of labs’ work accordance the international standards.  



  •  The labs department is assigned to conduct the periodic evaluation for the labs performance and submitting the report to the Vice Dean of Quality. In addition, it has a responsibility to follow up and provide the labs needs of devices, equipment, supplies and materials.

  •  Developing and organizing the labs work and supervising the development activities and equipment training.

  •  The labs manager assumes the role of supervising, planning and monitoring the labs work and equipment. 

  •  The direct supervision for the labs; every faculty member is entitled by the department to supervise directly the labs in his area of specialization. The Medical Unit of labs has a responsibility to deal with urgent cases in labs and supervise the maximal exercise tests in the Exercise Physiology Lab.






Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:13am