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Community Relations Unit


The Unit specializes in working and contributing to raising the level of practicing sport in the community and linking it health in order to be a firm behavior among all the citizens.



Leadership and excellence in providing community sports services



Meeting the needs of the community with regard to sports and practicing physical activity to promote the proper concept of sport and physical activity into the individuals and institutions of the community.



To provide community service programmes for health improvement and community welfare.

To spread the culture of voluntary work to serve the community sports.

To strengthen the partnership between the College and the community through the provision of community sports services.

To encourage the College affiliates in the field of community sports services.

To foster the confidence of the community into the College in the field of community sports services.

To honor the College distinguished employees in the works of community sports services.


Preparing the annual plan for community sports services and approving it by the College Council.

Designing educational and training newsletters according to the target category.

Contributing in the achievement of the College strategic initiatives through the initiative: Provision of Community Service Programmes for Health Improvement and Community Welfare (from the Strategic Plan).

Following up documenting and implementing the activities and programmes provided to serve the community.

Educating the community with the community sports service the College provides. 

Cooperating with the College employees in the relevant programmes and activities.

Preparing an annual report on the works and activities of the Unit and submitting it to the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality at the end of the academic year. 

  • Among Our Events:

Celebrating World Obesity Day

Under the supervision of the General Department of Nutrition (Nutrition Awareness and Education Section) in the General Directorate of Academic Affairs & Training of the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with Unit, two lectures were introduced, the first entitled "The Relationship Between Nutrition and Physical Activity" and the second entitled "Nutrition & Physical Activity and their Relationship to Weight Control" by Dr Gharib Al Shuwaier,  Faculty member of the College within the course “Raising the Efficiency of Health Educators in the Health Facilities-Nutrition Specialists”.

In cooperation with the Department of Physical Education, the Unit participated in the events of the Second Scientific Meeting entitled "Issues in Education", which was held by the Department in the amphitheater of the Department of Physical Education at the College. It was attended by about 100 supervisors, physical education teachers and the Head of the Physical Education Department at the Ministry of Education.



In cooperation between the Saudi Electricity Company and King Saud University, a Marathon Race was organized for employees of the Saudi Electricity Company, which was held at King Saud University, where both the College's Community Sports Services Unit and the Students’ Activities Unit participated effectively and successfully in organizing the Marathon.


  • Celebrating World Walking Day

The Unit participated in the events of the World Diabetes Day in cooperation with the Department of Exercise Physiology and Students’ Activities Unit through events held in the College represented in conducting measurements of health-related fitness components for College and University employees as well as participating in the events of the University Medical City in the lobby of the outpatient clinics through the establishment of a special educational corner for the College. The speaker to the pioneers was Prof Dr Khalid Al Muzaini with a group of postgraduate students in the Department of Exercise Physiology.

  • A lecture entitled “Factors of Sports Injury Prevention during Physical Exercise” was held in Al-Khwarizmi National Secondary Private Schools in North Riyadh, and introduced by Dr Ahmed Abd El Salam, Faculty member of the College, and at the end of the lecture, the leader of Al-Khwarizmi School honoured Dr Ahmed Abd El Salam for his valuable lecture.
  • A lecture was introduced by the Faculty member of the College Dr Abdullah Al-Shehri in the Tarbyh Namouthajiyah Private Schools (Secondary Section) entitled "Sports Hooliganism-Causes & solutions with Real Examples”. The meeting was attended by more than 120 schools’ affiliated persons.


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