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Learning Resources Unit


Achieving leadership and excellence in the University Learning Resources



Preparing and providing distinguished academic and research services and contributing to the upgrading learning outcomes



Encouraging collaborative work, creativity and understanding

To act with professionalism, integrity and mutual respect

Expecting accountability by the College staff, faculty, and students

Supporting innovation in research, teaching and services

Supporting inclusion and diversity

Paying attention to the learning resources that focus on male and female students



To help the academic departments and faculty to develop and improve the effectiveness of teaching

To support the academic programme by providing learning resources related to the curriculum

To develop the learner's skills of research, exploration, thinking and problem solving

To help the faculty in diversifying teaching methods, exchanging experiences, and cooperating in developing the educational materials

To provide a variety of educational options which are not provided by regular study places

To make available the opportunity for self-learning and meet the needs of individual differences

To develop students' abilities in obtaining the information from different sources



Coordinating with the College departments regarding the suggestions of faculty members, students and researchers for the different Electronic Information Resources

Carrying out the technical operations necessary in the supply process in a scientific manner, including studying the library groups and identifying various deficiencies

Preparing the necessary plans and policies to provide various sources of information according to the needs of the departments and units of the College

Carrying out the process of indexing, classifying books, periodicals etc. according to the modern classification plans adopted by the University

Following up the disbursement of the suppliers’ dues at the University disbursement bodies

Coordinating and following up with the relevant authorities in solving urgent technical problems

Corresponding the relevant University authorities regarding the budget of the books, references and periodicals


*Link of the Saudi Digital Library (SDL)






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