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Graduates Affairs Unit


The Unit specializes in the continuous updating of the alumni database and conducting surveys of their opinions on the curriculum, required skills, the labor market and the difficulties they face after graduation, and urges them to liaison with the college.


  • Follow-up the college graduates and benefit from their specialist expertise in the labor market to develop and improve the study programmes to meet the requirements of local and regional labor markets.

  • Keeping in touch with fellow graduates in the gatherings, ceremonies, and annual get-togethers.

  • Compiling and updating graduates' CVs electronically through electronic pages and links allowing the graduate to update his/her data.

  • Benefiting from the experiences of the graduates to improve the educational services and develop cadres qualified for the labor market.

  • Benefiting from the specialist experiences of the graduates, especially those who excel in the fields of sports (training, management, sports medicine and sports injuries, etc)

  • Communicating with the graduates via the social media.

  • Educating the students in the university education stage on the developments in the labour market and the basic requirements of obtaining jobs.

  • Providing the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality with the reports and information required for the conduct of quality works, reports and data required by the University regarding the graduates.

  • Graduates’ Manual

Graduates Questionnaire is on the following link:

Among Our Programmes:

The initiative of the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality "Communication and Social Interaction between the Graduates and employers"

Keen on, interested in its graduates, and in line with the initiative of communication and social interaction between the graduates and employers, the College of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity’s Vice Deanship for Development and Quality held the Event called "Graduates Communication Day" in the morning of Thursday 23/6/1440 H, in the college campus, where the Event was attended by the former and current graduates, as well as a number of civil and military sectors, federations and sports centers. 

The attendees discussed, in accordance with the University Vision and the Vision of the Kingdom 2030, a number of the topics related to the graduates and their relevance to the labor market. In the end, Fahad Al Rasheed Trading and Contracting Company, official sponsor of the event, was honored and tour to the College laboratories was also made. 



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