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Faculty Administration

  the description: It is responsible for supervising the administrative and financial affairs of the college, and is linked to the dean of the college.


-Organization of administrative work in the college

- Approval of direct and vacations

-Commissioning the maintenance of the college building and preparing and equipping classrooms

-Preparing job performance evaluation reports for college employees

-Approving the forms of the college’s contracting employees

-Approving the payment of college advances to the financial department

- Approval of exchange and direct purchase

-Securing the college’s needs of equipment and furniture from the Purchasing and Warehouse Department of the University Administration

-Assignment of equipment maintenance in the college.

-Assignment of following up the validity of the security and safety means in the college.

-Approving the requests of the college’s contracting employees to obtain exit and return visas

-Approving the requests of the college’s contracting employees to extract travel tickets (round trip).

-Approving the requests of the college’s contracting employees to agree that the university bears the expenses of educating its children.

-Approving the data of college employees and students to issue a car entry permit for parking.

-Approving the data of the faculty’s employees to issue a work entry card for the university’s employees.

-Adoption of a model for the output of devices, equipment and materials

- Executing the other duties assigned by the Dean of the College



- Reply to all the transactions received by him from all the administrative units of the university.

- Approving the purchase requisition and signing it in accordance with the applicable regulations.

-Signing the examination and receipt notes.

-Permission to exchange from the college repository.

-Keeping and following-up the college’s records.

-Approval of the guarantees required from the contracting parties when traveling.

-Approval of induction certificates for faculty members who are not members of the teaching staff and the like in accordance with the system.

-Approving the receipt and delivery minutes, requesting the exchange of materials and transfer of custody.

-Approve the vacations of all faculty employees, including administrators, technicians, and researchers, after the approval of their direct supervisor.

-Signing the release of the party for those whose work at the college ends.
- Recommending assigning a person whose work interest requires him to be assigned to work outside the official working hours in accordance with the statutory principles.

-Signing letters of transfer of college employees and workers for medical examination.

-Approving the data related to the end of the assignment for the faculty’s employees, including administrators, technicians, and researchers.

-Approve correspondences related to government agencies to complete employee procedures.

-Recommending administrative penalties on the administration’s employees in accordance with the regulations.

-Nominating college employees who are not faculty members to attend training courses.

-Coordination with the relevant authorities within the college and university in the jurisdiction and scope of the work of the administration.

-Issuing internal decisions required for the proper functioning of the department in accordance with the bylaws and regulations.

-Evaluate the performance of management staff.

-Approval of spending from the administration’s budget and custody in accordance with the organizing regulations.

-Raising the college's needs in terms of human and financial resources and various equipment.

-Following up the maintenance and installation operations in the college.



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