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The Bachelor Program in Sport Sciences & Physical Activity

Objectives of sport sciences and physical education program:

Sport sciences and physical activity program has a set of aims besides the private aims of the four tracks.

The program aims to:

-Train specialized cadres who are competitive and have the ability to work.

- Prepare graduates in new specializations to meet labor market needs.

- Develop students' skills and abilities in applied scientific research.

-Integrate sport disciplines on one hand and related disciplines from the other hand.

-Provide opportunities for students to improve their academic and professional skills linked to labor market needs.

There are four tracks leading to the bachelor of sport sciences and physical education degree:

-Physical Education track

-Sport and Recreation Management track

-Physical Fitness track

-Sport training track

Admission's Requirements and Program's Terms:

-Pass all Preparatory Year courses successfully with GPA of at least 3.0 on a scale of 5.

-Pass the medical assessment.

-Pass personal interview.

-Pass the physical fitness exam.

Required Skills:

Student has to have the following skills:

-Communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and using of modern teaching techniques).

-Acceptable level of physical fitness and sport skills which are required for the nature of work.

-Ability and welling to work individually or within a team.

Jobs Opportunity:

-Physical education teaching in either private schools or governmental schools.

-Administrative and supervising jobs in all related sectors such as clubs, sports federations, gyms  with all their facilities (swimming pools, sports halls, sports facilities…etc) and sport events management  in private and governmental sectors.

-Delivering lectures and participating in researches in colleges and universities.

-Participating in schools for special education , rehabilitation and medical care centers.

-Working in Ministry of Sport, Clubs and sport associations.

-Companies specialize in sport equipment (management, marketing, entertainment…etc)

-Health and sports centers.

-Sport medicine and rehabilitation centers.

-Sport marketing management, public relation and sports media.

-Sport coaching and physical fitness in the military sectors (Armed Forces, Police and Civil Defense…etc).

-Working in all related disciplines in governmental institutions and organizations and civil society

-Management and supervising in sports and recreation centers.

-Scientific research centers for sport sciences and physical activity.

The attendance and program completion requirements:

A- The attendance:

The university absence rules are applied, a verbal warning will be issued if an absence reaches 5%, a first written warning will be issued if an absence reaches 10%, a second written warning will be issued if an absence reaches 20%.

   B- passing grade for an academic year:  (Exam grade 60%)

   C- Graduation requirement:

   A student must completed all courses with GPA of 2  of 5 (according to university regulations)



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