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Dean's Message


On behalf of our faculty and students, I would like to welcome you to the College of Sport Science and Physical Activity (CSSPA), which is the first Sport collage in both Saudi Arabia and GCC states. The CSSPA also considers a number "1" in the QS World Rankings for Sports-Related Subjects in the Middle East, one of top "10" in Asia, and "51 - 100" in the world. As dean of CSSPA, I proud to be a part of this professional sport institution, which is founded four decades ago and has a respectful reparation in the world because of its departments of Sport and Recreation Management, Biomechanics, Physiology, and Physical Education, that provide various of programs including, Bachelor degree with 4 tracks, 8 Masters degrees, Doctoral degree providing 4 tracks, several diploma degrees, as well as 13 Labs. Proudly, we have successfully rebuilt all our programs and strategies to meet Saudi Vision 2030, which is focusing on preparing future students to be leaders in all fields, especially sports and physical activity related to health. The CSSPA also presents many experts, who graduated from high ranking universities in the United States, UK, Spain, Russia, China, Australia, and other wonderful schools in the area of sport and physical activity around the world. We are also proud of all our local, regional, and international partners in all the areas of research, education, and community services. Finally, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite all of you to explore our college through the website or visiting us in our campus.


Prof. Tariq  A.  Alsalhe

Dean of the CSSPA


About collage

College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity is an institution of diversity sciences due to its subspecialties and well-rounded educational system which leads to earn a BS, master and doctoral degrees. In addition, it introduces the college's Alumni to a broad range of job opportunities in the fields that service community such as schools, higher education, sport clubs, recreational centers, gyms, sport marketing, radio broadcasting, sport journalism, sport facilities management, military sectors as well as public health sectors. The Colleges' Alumni were engaged in Partnerships with private and governmental institutions; including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sport, military colleges, local municipalities, the Ministry of Health and universities.



Leading the field of  Sport Sciences & Physical Activity Nationally, Regionally and Internationally.


Preparing Specialists in Sport Sciences & Physical Activity in the Field of  Research , Education and Community Service.



  • Create Educational Environments Which Support and Develop Innovative Thinking in The Area of Sport Sciences & Physical Activity.


  • Provide Opportunities For Participation in Competitive, Recreational, Administrative and Research Activities Related to Sport Which Enhance Professional Performance & Lead to Personal Development.


  • Provide Outstanding Opportunities For Sport and Educational Research Which Contribute in Improving Professional Performance and Meet community Needs Within Strategic Partnerships With Distinguished Institutions Locally, Regionally & globally.

Technical Support

  • Adopt Modern Techniques of Scientific Research and Training in The Area of Sport Sciences & physical Activity.
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